The Spanish agencies country email list to the brawl for a creative contest

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The Spanish agencies country email list to the brawl for a creative contest

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They will begin on February 10 and during 8 Fridays from country email list knowledge will be shared between students and teachers with theoretical and practical classes. The Spanish Association of Advertising Communication Agencies (AEACP) has decided to take legal action in response to the country email list conditions included in the call for the creative contest recently launched by Lidl Supermercados SAU. Once the bases of this process are known, the association has decided to take the appropriate actions, either before the National Competition Commission, or before the Ordinary Courts for the bases included in the competition.

It is that the AEACP considers completely abusive the country email list clause by which Lidl Supermarkets reserves the right to use the pieces presented by all the agencies, by the fact of competing, even if they are not the winners of the contest. As explained by the German firm. “All the agencies, by the fact of participating, transfer all the rights to their work to Lidl. Once the materials are received, they will not be returned”, so that the country email list intellectual property of all the creative works presented is not respected, breaking the rules that regulate the correct functioning of the market. The AEACP does not know the total number of agencies contacted, although it has received complaints from several associates.

For the moment, Lidl has not announced its intention to change the country email list rules of the contest but has just released a statement clarifying that the Creative Pitch does not intend to use the pieces presented without any financial consideration, although it warns that the The clause that has caused country email list much commotion is only intended to prevent the pieces submitted that are not selected from being submitted to other contests. The statement also ensures that, shortly, the company will contact both the AEACP and the agencies to clarify the terms of the bases.

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